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Membership Requirements
  1. Attend at least 4 out of 6 meetings

  2. Pay semester ($35) or full year ($55) dues

  3. Accumulate a minimum of 14 points, which can be achieved by attending socials, meetings, volunteering events, and miscellaneous events.

    1. Must have at least one point in each category​

    2. If you cannot make a fundraising point, the fee to make up for it is $10.

You can pay $10 per point, for up to 5 points via Venmo or PayPal at the last meeting to reach your active status.

Current Members
  1. Sign up for events listed in the calendar in the events tab.

  2. Previously active members can apply for shadowing opportunities. Visit our Shadowing tab! 

  3. Check the Roster to see how many points you currently have. Toggle through the separate sheets for volunteering, socials, etc to check your attendance.