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Shadowing 101


1. Must be active for at least 1 semester in order to apply.

2. Must provide your own transportation.

3. Must score 100% on shadowing rules quiz.

4. Must cc on all correspondences with physician and hospital staff.

    *Failure to do so will result in probation from shadowing for the semester.

5. Must fill out shadowing log within 48 hours of the shadowing event.

    *Failure to do so will result in a 0.5 general point deduction*


1. Cancellation/scheduling (with a valid reason) must be done 48 hours in advance. You must notify both the shadowing director AND physician.

2. Cancelling two times in advance will result in shadowing probation for the rest of the semester.

3. Cancelling without notifying the shadowing director will result in being blacklisted from ALL HOSA events.

Get Started


1. Fill out the shadowing interest form.




2. If you are selected for a shadowing opportunity, you must score 100% on the shadowing quiz to be able to shadow with a physician.

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