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This is an application to run for an officer position for HOSA for the year of Fall '22-Spring '23.

Before filling out this application, we ask that you carefully think about what sort of position you see yourself contributing the most to. This position will be yours for a year's time and requires a lot of passion and time to fulfill your tasks.   

-President (Oversee all of the positions and handle all logistics with University and official paperwork)
-Vice President (Manage the website, make sign up sheets, and keep records of member information/activity)

*******President and Vice President candidates must be past officers*******


Here is how our general election timeline will work: 
President/Vice President: Applications 4/3 - 4/14   Interviews 4/15 - 4/19  Member Elections: 4/21
Other Positions:                 Applications 4/14 - 4/28   Interviews 4/28 - 5/4     Member Elections: 5/5        



We ask that you choose a MAXIMUM of 2 positions to run for. This means that if you select both President and Vice President, you will be ineligible to submit the application for the following positions (available after 4/14):

-Treasurer (Manage bank account, set up fundraising, and work to raise money; must be money conscious)
-Volunteer Coordinator (2 positions) (Set up volunteering events and be passionate to attend most of the events)
-Social Coordinator (Set up social events for members and be creative about doing so)
-Public Relations Director (Provide professional speakers for meetings, coordinate tabling, and create posters and flyers)
-Competitions Director (Coordinate all competition-related event planning and fundraising; must compete as well!)
-Shadowing Coordinator (Coordinate with doctors and set up members' shadowing shift)


Interview information will be sent out shortly after this deadline. 

If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to email Renee or Irena at or

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