Updated: 9/19/15

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President: Zain Ali

Email: txhosa.president@gmail.com
Cell: 512-629-8235
Major: Biology BSA, Business Foundations/Pre-med
Year: Senior

Vice President: Milan Prema

Email: txhosa.vicepresident@gmail.com
Cell: 830-456-3771
Major: Biochemistry BSA Psychology/Pre-med
Year: Senior

Treasurer: Nishan Gajjar

Email: txhosa.treasurer@gmail.com
Cell: 512-826-3196
Major: Psychology/Pre-med
Year: Junior

Social Coordinator: Priya Patel

Email: txhosa.social@gmail.com
Cell: 832-646-3920
Major: Biology BSA English/Pre-med
Year: Senior

Shadowing Director: Rachel DeSantis

Email: txhosa.shadowing@gmail.com
Cell: 210-896-3491
Major: Biology, Pre-Health Certificate/Pre-med
Year: Junior

Competitions Director: Dana Le

Email: txhosa.competitions@gmail.com
Cell: 214-714-5374
Major: Finance, Healthcare Management Certificate
Year: Junior

Volunteer Coordinators: Priya Sharma & Sohni Pathan

FacebookPriya and Sohni
Email: txhosa.volunteer@gmail.com
Cell: 469-585-7588 and 281-854-9827
Major: Biology, Business Foundations/Pre-med -and- Biochemistry BSA Psychology/Pre-med
Year: Junior and Sophomore

Public Relations: Sahithi Kothamasu

Email: txhosa.publicrelations@gmail.com
Cell: 262-309-2642
Major: Neuroscience, Business Foundations/Pre-med
Year: Junior

Advising Director: Rigo Gutierrez

Email: rigo.gtz158@gmail.com
Cell: 956-533-8768
Major: Human Biology/Pre-med
Year: Senior