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Chair applications will open Sept 15th at 8PM and will close on Sept 22nd at 11:59PM.

Chairs work under officers and are able to gain insight into that officer position. Freshman are allowed to apply, so take advantage of this great opportunity!

Student Representative Application

Shadowing Chair

Volunteer Chairs

Public Relations Chair



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Membership Requirements: Dues of $55 for one year, or $35 for one semester.


You can Venmo any amount of money to us along with a description of what you are paying for. Click here for Venmo option.


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Shadowing opportunites are available to members who have been active in HOSA for atleast one semester. Multiple shadowing opportunites will open throughout the year. However, if you have applied once you will not have to apply again, your application will automatically be reviewed again. The shadowing applications for ATX Orthopedics and Lonestar Dental will close on Sunday, Spetember 25th, at 11:59PM.

ATX Orthopedics

Lonestar Periodontics and Dental

Austin Epilepsy Care Center






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